Marriage with impotent man

24 Nov 2021 Ref-No#: 3995

i m married since last 4 year my husband is unable to fullfill my sexual needs he was aware of his disability before we got married but he never told me. we had intercourse with help of homeopathic medicine once or twice.
my question is as he was aware & didn’t disclose this to me does this nullify our nikah n if yes can you tell supporting hadith /verses because I have read somewhere that if man cannot afford (physically & financially) to get married he shouldn’t get married.
if it doesn’t nullify the nikah is it a grave sin n dose he have to repent for it .


Assalāmuʿalaykum Wa Raḥmatullāhi Wa Barakātuh

It is the duty of both spouses to fulfill the sexual desires of each other. Failure to fulfill such rights may lead to one being sinful.

However, each spouse has also been given the option to forego such right due to him/her. Therefore, if one spouse is unable to fulfill the right of the other, then if the other overlooks such right due to him/her, the former will not be sinful.

It should also be noted that the mere inability to fulfill the sexual desires of one’s spouse does not invalidate the Nikāḥ, irrespective of whether such information was disclosed prior to the Nikāḥ or thereafter.

In terms of a man intending to get married, he is required to have the financial capacity to provide for the basic needs of his spouse such as food, clothing shelter, and other necessities like medical supplies and medical expenses incurred due to childbirth for example. He is also required to have the physical capacity to fulfill the sexual desires of his spouse.

If a man does not hold the physical ability required to fulfill such sexual desires, then he should not get married until such time that he has undergone medical treatment and becomes sexually able.

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