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We are dedicated to serving the faith of Allāh (SWT) and the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad (). May Allāh grant us sincerity, consistency, and strict adherence to the Sunnah. (Āmīn)

Please make Du‘ā for us.

Assalāmu ‘alaykum wa raḥmatullāhi wa barakātuhu

To optimize service delivery and cater to the broadest user base possible, the following policies are implemented for user inquiries. Consideration and adherence to these policies are highly encouraged.


  • Questions that Are Answered: While I strive to answer each question, it is not feasible. Questions are answered by one Muftī on a part-time basis, while hundreds of queries are received. Random questions are selected and responded to.
  • No Guarantee on Response: Due to the high volume of queries and limited time, there is no guarantee that your query will be addressed.
  • Urgent Response Protocol: For urgent inquiries requiring an immediate response, please refer to another Muftī.
  • Resubmission Process: If a response is not received within one week, resubmit your inquiry. Even then, bearing in mind that we randomly select the queries, there is still no guarantee that we will answer your question.

Query Submission:

  • Prior Inquiry Search: Users must utilize the integrated search functionality before submitting inquiries. This ensures the potential for existing answers to address their specific query.
  • Respectful Inquiry Sharing: Refrain from submitting inquiries previously posed to other scholars. This facilitates opportunities for wider user participation.
  • Existing Question Clarification: When seeking further explanation on a previously submitted question, reference the designated "Fatwa ID" for efficient identification.
  • Data Accuracy: Ensure the accuracy and completeness of all user information, particularly email addresses. This expedites potential requests for clarification prior to response formulation.

Language and Style:

  • English Language Requirement: Only inquiries submitted in English will be acknowledged. Submissions in other languages will be disregarded and deleted.
  • Clear and Concise Communication: Question titles should be concise and accurately reflect the central theme. Utilize standard English, avoiding informal abbreviations and shorthand writing.
  • Categorization: Select the most pertinent category for your inquiry to facilitate efficient routing.

Menstruation and Purity Inquiries:

  • Detailed Menstrual Cycle Information: For inquiries regarding menstruation (ḥayḍ) or purity (ṭuhr), provide specific dates and times of your last three menstrual cycles and purity intervals. If your menstrual cycle falls outside the standard range of 10 to 15 days within the past three months, a comprehensive listing of all dates and times until the latest valid ḥayḍ or ṭuhr period is required.

Inquiry Limits:

  • Limited Questions per Visitor: Visitors are entitled to a maximum of three inquiries. Submissions exceeding this limit will be disregarded.

Dissemination and Applicability of Answers:

  • Public Forum Publication: All delivered verdicts will be published on the forum for educational purposes, facilitating broader knowledge dissemination.
  • Context-Specific Rulings: Provided answers pertain to specific scenarios. Extrapolating them to establish rulings in unrelated situations or environments is not advised.

Editorial Discretion:

  • Content Modification: We reserve the right to edit titles, questions, or categories to ensure optimal platform functionality.

Feedback and Support:

  • User Feedback Encouragement: We actively seek user comments and feedback to continuously improve the service and fulfill your Islamic needs.
  • Answer Elaboration: While answers are provided in a succinct format, if a more detailed response is necessary, kindly direct your inquiry to www.askimam.org.

Jazākallāh Khairan