Is obligatory ghusl valid?

06 Dec 2021 Ref-No#: 4107

If I have a wet dream can I simply wash the body parts where the impurity has gotten on to and then fill a bath tub with water and complete the rest of the the ghusl in a bath? Please can you answer according to hanafi jazakallah khair


Assalāmuʿalaykum Wa Raḥmatullāhi Wa Barakātuh

Though Ghusl may be done in a still bath, it is not advisable, because despite having washed the impurities off prior to getting into the bathtub, semen which has not left the private organ may still emerge; hence, making the water therein impure which in turn could compromise the validity of one’s Ghusl.

The ideal would be to perform Ghusl in accordance with the Sunnah method by pouring water (or even making use of flowing water such as in the case of a shower) and rubbing all parts of the body whilst ensuring that no part or hair is left unwashed.

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