Second marriage

06 Feb 2022 Ref-No#: 1231

If my wife not allow me to do sohbat (humbistari) when I need or every day as want to do every day or a day please guide me in this situation what can i do can i go for second marriage, what are my rights in this situation.The problem is with wife that she don’t want wash her hair every day because she says that her hair will damage if she whases it every day so she don’t allow me to do sohbat (humbistari) / sex every day, but I want to do sohbat every day or a day after. That’s why from few days we didn’t talk much and i send her to her home back now i want to do second marriage please guide me.



Assalāmu ʿAlaykum Wa Raḥmatullāḥi Wa Barakātuh

The first step would be to speak to your wife regarding this matter in a dignified and mature way whilst also being understanding towards her health-related issue pertaining to her hair.

As long as she makes an effort in trying to fulfil your desires to the best of her ability, that should be appreciated.

Though it is permissible for you to marry a second woman irrespective of what the reason may be, you should consider the fact that a marriage is not only focused around sexual intercourse but also involves the attachment and fulfilling of each other’s rights and mutual understanding.

If the problem persists, kindly refer to a local scholar who will be able to assist in facilitating counselling and/or mediation if necessary, but do not be hasty in making a decision, for hastiness is certainly from Shaytaan.

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