Rental Earning from restaurant sharing floor with cinema

21 Jan 2020 Ref-No#: 2364

Hello, I have an opportunity to buy a small restaurant on food court floor of a mall, under construction ( there are few other resturants as well). However on the same floor, there is also a Gym, kids play area and a cinema. The food court can serve any visitor to the mall. I am expecting that because of the cinema there will be a lot of visitors on this floor and i can easily rent it out to someone. The resturant area is indpendent and not part of the cinema. However my understanding is that as cinema activity itself is not lawful or liked in islam, so how do i perceive my rental return as visitors to resturant will include those from mall but also those coming to cinema. Is my rental earning as such halal ?The resturant itself will of course serve halah items…


Assalumualaikum Mufti sahib, this is in continuation to the question i asked with similar title but want to clarfiy here. The confusion I have is that the resturant I will have will be a halal fast food chain in muslim country but it will have visitors coming from all creed and color….I would not be able to control who comes who does not come. I will have families coming over but I will also have people coming as boy friends and girl friends ( or how they are dressed), considering the floor is shared with cinema…. it will be mixed gender food court….. ( means it will be a public place so there will be no privary for couples which is good )….so all these things come to my mind….and I am not clear shall I go for buying such a resturant or not….


Wa’alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

It will be permissible for you to open/lease out such a restaurant. All the income of a person who goes to a cinema does not automatically become Haram. You will also not be responsible for those who come with their friends from the opposite gender.

All the income you get from such a restaurant will be Halal.

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