parent doesn’t let me pray in front of people

10 Jul 2019 Ref-No#: 2073

Sometimes when me and my family are out in public the time for prayer comes in. We live in america and my parent doesn’t like for me to pray in front of other people so they make me pray sitting down in the car somtimes. Even if the direction I pray in the car is away from the Qiblah. Is this prayer accepted or not? Since I’ve been forced to pray this way multiple times before I have no other choice. What do I do? On websites there was a girl in a similar situation like me where she is a new muslim and she sometimes has to sit while praying because she fears the harm of her family. This is what said on this situation on their website:
“Part of the easy nature of this religion is that it pays attention to the circumstances and situations of people who are praying, and it does not enjoin the Muslim to do what he is unable to do or what is too difficult for him to do. There may be a sick person in his bed, or a fighter on the battlefield, or a prisoner who is tied up, or one who is afraid to practice his Islam openly and pray openly – as in your case. In all these cases and similar cases, people are not required to do anything except that which is within their capability, and whatever they cannot do is waived. At the same time it is confirmed that their prayer is valid and they do not have to repeat it at all.” here’s the link to what they said on the islamqa website (
The problem is, I’m scared this is not the right opinion. Please help me because like i said I have to pray this way sometimes because of my parents and there’s not really any other choices. So because I’m forced and Allah does not burden a person beyond their scope are my prayer still valid like this website says. Do I have to repeat the prayers I was forced to pray in this condition? By the way I’m sorry for all the questions I send to you guys. But I just have a lot of questions about Islam and your website is one of the few websites that answer questions fast.


Wa’alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

Alhamdulillah, Allah Ta’ala has granted you the oppurtunity of fulfilling your five daily prayers. You should continuously make Dua that Allah also blesses your parents with this great bounty.

When we read the lives of Sahaba and our pious predecessors, we find that they would go out of their way to comply with every commandment of Allah, irrespective of what consequences they had to bear, or who opposed them. They truly did not fear any creation when it came to pleasing their creator.

However, for us it is rather difficult to bear such repercussions.  Hence, our ease is that we are permitted to pray in a condition which will not bring the wrath of those who have authority over us, and then repeat the prayer later. The leeway is that you are permitted to sit and pray, and then repeat the prayers later, even if the time expires. By doing this, the prayer is considered Ada (prayed correctly in the time), and not as Qadha (delayed and prayed after the time)


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