Is haram income of elder brother affect on his younger brother?

25 Oct 2021 Ref-No#: 3810

Assalamu ‘Alaikum Sheikh. I live with my parents and brother. I am studying in a private college. My brother works as a senior executive in a private company that serves foreigners. Company link: https: // This company works in advertising, data solution etc. And now most of the advertisements use pictures of women. Again some things like music, drugs are also advertised. I don’t know if my brother does this kind of work properly. My brother bears most of my expenses.
My question is if my brother’s income is haraam, will it be haraam for me too? If it is haraam, what should I do? If I want to earn money myself, I have to drop out of school. And in doing so I will have to face extreme obstacles from the family.


Wa ʿAlaykumus Salām Wa Raḥmatullāhī Wa Barakātuh

We have visited the company’s website and have noticed the different services provided i.e., Ad operations, creative services, data solutions, media planning and quality assurance.

In order for us to determine the status of your brother’s income, you may provide us with information regarding his job description.

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