Hurmat Musahara

24 Aug 2021 Ref-No#: 665

My friend who is about 20 years touched his mother with love and compassion as he has no bad inclination to her but he also wanted to check whether he will get shahwat by touching his mom or not becaz 5 to 6 years ago a case like that of hurmat musahara happened with his mother about which he was in doubt to remove that doubt he wanted to verify but suddenly he felt a little bit lust and very little movement in penis otherwise he had no bad intention in touching
Does this constitute hurmat musahara and if it constitutes cant he take gatwa of other 3 mazhab whi say mere touching doesnt constitute hurmat pleeez help he is very very depressed he is not able to concentrateon anything becaz the thought that his father will have to divorce his mother haunts him as they have happy family which include his other siblings and his parents r going to hajj this year pleeez help may allah bless u
Thank u


Wa’alaykum as Salām wa rahmatullāhi wa barakātuhu,

We commend you for putting forth this question to us, and the fact that the situation has been bothering your friend is indeed a sign of Imān.

Unfortunately, the Nikāh between his parents has terminated since the moment he had touched his mother with lust.

It is not the case that one may simply move on to the view of another Madhab to avoid the consequences as a result of one’s actions.

We ask Allāh to forgive him and to straighten the matter for the benefit of the family.


[Al-Nahr Al-Fāiq 2/193, Al-Muḥīṭ Al-Burhānī 3/63, Al-Ikhtiyār 3/88, Badāʿi Al-Ṣanāʿi 2/260]

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