Fatawa on Marrying a daughter of a Family Planning Officer

17 Jan 2022 Ref-No#: 3824

I am providing the job details of the bride’s parents in reference to the answer to my question Ref no.3816:

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. The government set up “Family Planning” offices around the country at village level to control it’s population. Field level workers visit door to door to collect data for the database, promote safe temporary contraceptions (condoms, contraceptive pills, IUDs, injections etc), provide information on permanent contraception (to those who are interested). They also provide information on maternal care during pregnancy and child care after birth. Workers also disburse basic contraception articles like condoms, pills etc during their visit. They also urge the village residents to visit the clinic/hospital during pregnancy and for child birth.

All of the field level workers, report to the “Family Planning Officer” of every region. My prospective bride’s parents are both Family Planning Officers, and their main task is to look after the administrative aspect of the entire operation that occurs at field level.

Please help me to determine whether if I marry her, it would be permissible to accept invitation at her parent’s house. I remind again, their parents purchased to shops from their savings from where they get rent monthly.


Assalāmuʿalaykum Wa Raḥmatullāhi Wa Barakātuh

Based on the information provided, it would be permissible to accept their invitation and partake of the meals provided.

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