Dreaming death of my brother

12 Jan 2022 Ref-No#: 4323

“I see my younger brothers death in my dreams ,,i see this dream twice in a day i cried a lot ,i see him in hospital and he woke up when i go near to him nd in second dream i see him fire on me n i also do the same he gets really injured but i was then try to save him but he resist and dies


Assalāmuʿalaykum Wa Raḥmatullāhi Wa Barakātuh

The following has been extracted from a source which contains some of the knowledge pertaining to the interpretations of dreams by the great scholar, Ibn Sīrīn (may Allāh have mercy on him):

  • Death in a dream has a positive connotation for someone in fear of something or a sad person or a sick person.
  • The death of one’s brothers in a dream means the death of one’s enemies, or it could mean saving one’s capital.
  • To die in a dream with no apparent reason or illness and to exhibit no features of a dead person means longevity.
  • Death in a dream also signifies marriage, for a deceased person is washed and perfumed, and a bridegroom also takes a bath and anoints himself with perfumes on his wedding day.

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