Amal of Surah Duha

02 Nov 2021 Ref-No#: 3938

Assalamualikum muftisaheb.

I recently came across an amal which states the following:

To open the Quran to surah duha and at each of the 9 kaafs present in surah duha, to stop at each kaaf and recite 9 times “ya-kareemu”. This amal should be done for 9 days.

1) is it permissible to practice on the above amal and can this amal be read for any purpose/desire which one has?

2) please could muftisaheb advise how this amal should be read. Should one recite surah duha from the beginning and stop at each kaaf, recite ya-kareemu and then continue reciting the surah until the next kaaf?

3) is it permissible for a lady in her haidh to read this amal?

Jazak-Allah muftisaheb


Wa ʿAlaykumus Salām Wa Raḥmatullāhī Wa Barakātuh

The practice, as stated in the question, cannot be traced back to the sources of the Sharī’ah.

However, they may be acceptable practices if they were given rise to by the pious predecessors, notwithstanding the fact that they cannot be attributed to the Sunnah.

Unfortunately, we do not have sufficient knowledge to advise any further with regard to the method of this practice.

Lastly, women experiencing menstruation are permitted to perform certain practices, even though they may entail verses of the Qur’ān. However, they may not recite these verses with the intention of general recitation of Qur’ān.

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