Video Games and Aqeeda

22 Jan 2023 Ref-No#: 4549

Assalomu alaykum va rahmatullohi va barokatuhu!! I have read the Video Games title questions and the question I am asking is not found in fatwas (my question is private) . Could you please check these games ( please check if you have doubt what kind of these game from the youtube or any website to find these games pictures or videos)

1. Borderlands 1/2/3

2. Dota 2

3. Call of duty (any chapters)

4. Fortnite

5. warcraft 3

6. Counter strike 1.6 Russia

7. god of war ragnarok

8. Witcher

….. are these games permissible during free time . Because of my friends spent their free times playing games such as above. I told these are impermissible but They said that ” it is just game , nothing at all , and it is my free time ( they are praying , reading books of their education..) . There is no fatawa on these game “. Could you give me the detailed answer!!! Assalomu alaykum va rahmatullohi va barokatuhu!!!



In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.


As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh.


Dear son,


Enjoying life, having fun within the boundaries of Islam is permitted, in fact encouraged when it provides physical and emotional growth and well-being, and not get in the way of obligatory duties eg establishing prayer: praying properly and on time etc and not include anything that is haram.


The game content, to a large degree, determines the ruling. some principles to consider are:


1: Games dishonouring Allah, angels, prophets, Muslims, holy sites etc, glorifying pagan, poly theistic rituals, cultures, having music, nudity, vulgar language, gambling, desensitizing, inciting and glorification of sins and lawlessness, and are harmful or addictive are not permissible.


2: Gaming, enhancing mental skills, decision making, planning, knowledge etc, such games are permitted so long as they are not tainted with haram elements. Yet again one must not get so engrossed in playing it that it affects one’s duty towards Allah (Salah etc.).

Most games do not provide any benefit; worldly or spiritual, and are rather a tool for time waste.

One ought to play such sports which may supplement one’s physical or cognitive exercise or there lies a worldly or spiritual benefit in it.


3: Your sincerity and integrity is appreciable.


Make dua for your friends. Plan outdoor, physical activities with them. Your gentle perseverance will help, in shaaAllah.


May Allah reward you abundantly.




And Allah Ta’āla Knows Best