Spreading of Impurity

29 Jul 2021 Ref-No#: 3216

Assalamu alayktm.Shaykh,scholars of the Hanafi school of jurisprudence said that if water is added to an impurity,the impurity has thus spreaded.Please consider the following scenarios:
1.If i have urine,menstrual blood,alcohol etc on my garment(not considering the excused amount) and i want to clean it when it is still wet,how do i clean off the filth?
2.If the impurity has dried and i want to clean it and not spread it,what to i do?
3.Can i wash pure and impure clothes together and how do i go about it?


The addition of water to an impurity serves as a purification of the impurity and not as a ‘spreader’ of the impurity.

Regarding the scenarios put forth in the question, kindly refer to the rulings mentioned below:

  1. A garment stained with urine, (menstrual) blood, or alcohol should be washed thrice with water, squeezing the water out of the garment after each wash, until the impurities are removed.

If the traces of the impurities are not removed by the third wash (after which the water will be squeezed out), then one will continue washing the garment in the like manner until the impurities are removed.

The above is in terms of handwashing. If such garments are washed in a washing machine, they will also be regarded as pure and free from impurities.

In the case of using a washing machine, it is advisable that one rinses off the impurities from the garments prior to placing the garments therein.

  1. If the impurities on the garment have dried, the same ruling mentioned above will apply.
  1. Ideally, one should wash those clothes which are stained with impurities separately from those clothes which have not been stained with any impurities.

However, if all the clothes have been washed together, it will be sufficient such as in the case of placing all the clothes together in the washing machine for instance.

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