Pimples on Scalp

30 May 2018 Ref-No#: 708

Assalamu Alaikum,

I sent in a question previously about my struggles with acne on my scalp. In your answer to my previous question, you mentioned that if the pimple on my head was leaking fluid (blood/pus) and I had to make ghusl, I could make ghusl provided I was ‘excused’ and the impurity from said popped pimple would also be excused. I would like some clarification on this – if there is a leaking popped pimple on my head, but one full prayer time has not yet passed (therefore I am not yet excused) and I need to make ghusl, what do I do? Also, does this being ‘excused’ also apply to showering normally because I really need to keep my scalp clean to help heal my scalp but it’s so hard to find a time when there are no leaking pimples on my scalp?



Wa’alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

To clarify, its only ONE prayer time that you need the pimples to bleed continuously in such a way that you do not get sufficient time to make Wudhu and pray Salah without the pimples bleeding. After that one time, the pimples should bleed atleast once in every subsequent prayer time for you to continue being a Ma’dhurah (excused).

If you do not become a Ma’dhurah in the manner mentioned in the previous answer and above, and there is a pimple bleeding, you should wait for the blood to stop, and then make Ghusl. If that is difficult due to the continuity (as you have stated), then you may make Ghusl with the pimple bleeding, and merely perform Wudhu once the bleeding stops. The bleeding of the pimple nullifies Wudhu, and not Ghusl. Thus, if you make Ghusl with the bleeding pimple, the Ghusl will be done, but you will need to make Wudhu.

And if you are a Ma’dhurah, you can perform Ghusl with the bleeding, and both Ghusl and Wudhu will be done.




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