Parents not agreeing to marriage due to cast

21 Nov 2021 Ref-No#: 4063

I like someone and he like me back we spoke to our parents and my parents are agreeing but his parents are declining because I am local and they assume I am shafi. My family is but I practice hanafi. I respect what my family follows . His family is blackmailing him and denying him from marrying me . He wants to marry me but wants to try and get his parents blessing . We asked someone and they said to get someone to speak to them. We do not know who to get and how to go about this . We want to marry for the pleasure of Allah. Is it OK if he marries without permission or what else can we do .we really want to convince them but we don’t know how .


Wa ʿAlaykumus Salām Wa Raḥmatullāhi Wa Barakātuh

In the enquired scenario, though in principle the Nikāḥ would be valid without his parent’s consent, we highly recommend that the Nikāḥ takes place in a way where his parents have also agreed, in order to for him to gain their Duʿās – which is important – and to avoid any problems and disputes which could arise in the future.

Perhaps you may consider having a local ʿĀlim or scholar to intervene and assist. Alternatively, a neutral party.

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