Marriage Proposal

17 Dec 2020 Ref-No#: 2521


Shaikh, recently a man asked me to find a woman for him to marry. My parents are also searching a groom for my sister.

After talking with the man, I have found out that:

1. He had previously worked in an Islamic bank. But, he found out that though the bank is an Islamic bank, it does not follow Islamic principles correctly. He founds that though it is an islamic bank, it’s transactions are similar to that of conventional interest-based banks. Also, the stress level in that private Islamic bank was so high. So, he left that bank. While he was working in the bank he received salary from the bank and also received a service benefit while leaving the bank. So, now he has a good amount of money consisting of those salary income and service benefit. I asked him what is the plan to do with this money. He said he will buy an apartment. After leaving this bank job, he is currently working in a government job where his role is to food inspection.

2. Another issue is that He is an infrequent smoker. So, when I have discussed with him about this issue he said he is currently an infrequent smoker, and he also said he will quit this smoking as smoking causes harmful effect on him as well as wife and children more seriously.

3. Other than the above two issues, he is good mannered; also prays his salat.

Now, my question is that should I offer him a proposal for my sister?


Wa’alaykum as Salam wa rarhamtullahi wa barakatuhu,

The ruling on the salary will depend on what exact job he would do in the bank. As for the service benefit, it will be considered as a gift from the bank.

The general principle is that it will be permissible to accept a gift if the main source of income is from Halal. The bank earns Halal from valid fees, and they also earn Haram from interest etc. Being termed as an Islamic bank, and being in a Muslim country, it would be best to ask your local scholars whether he should keep that money, or give it away in charity.

As for the casual smoking, we should realize that everyone has faults. If his good is much more then this single bad, and if he is really willing to rectify himself, then the smoking alone should not be a reason to reject him. If he is punctual with his five prayers, he has good character, and is not known for any other major sins, then your sister should make Isitkharah and see whether he will be a suitable match.

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