Istikhaara done several times

14 Feb 2019 Ref-No#: 1388

السلام عليكم
Mufti saheb. Kindly advise. A boy wants to come to see a girl for marriage purposes. the family has done homework about the boy and acc to all hes a good and pious boy, compatible for her. The girl has been making istikhara as to whether to see the boy or not. On the first night of istikhara she saw a seemingly positive dream. After that when she made again for a few times it was unclear. Thereafter she sees something thats not seeming too good. Which of the istikhara should she follow ?



Wa’alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

More than just the feelings or dreams which one gets when making Istikharah, Istikharah is actually a Du’a. When reciting the Du’a of Istikharah you are beseeching Allah to destine the matter for you only if it is in your best interest, and to distance you from it if it is harmful for you. You are acknowledging that you do not know anything beyond the surface, and you are asking Allah for guidance in that which is hidden from you.

When making Istikharah a persom should have firm conviction that whatever will happen henceforth will be best for him/her in terms of his/her Deen, Dunya and Akhirah, irrespective of what feelings or dreams one may have whilst performing  the Istikharah.

The real essence is in the Du’a itself, and not in getting inspired. Yes, if you get a feeling before seven days, you may practise on that feeling. But if it is bad for you, Allah will still avert it from you, inspite of the feeling or dream. However, if you are doubful, or do not get any feelings, then you should make Istikharah for a maximum of seven days. After seven days, practise on the last feeling that comes in your heart. But rest assured, that Allah will guide you in the eventual outcome.



حضرت تھانوی قدس سرہ کی تحقيق صحيح ہے کہ دارد قلبی پر عمل کرنا ضروری نہیں ہے، بلکہ اسباب و موانع پر نظر رکھے (احسن الفتاوی – 3/479)

. وينبغي أن يكررها سبعا، لما روى ابن السني (يا أنس إذا هممت بأمر فاستخر ربك فيه سبع مرات، ثم انظر إلى الذي سبق إلى قلبك فإن الخير فيه)    ( رد المحتار – 2/ 27)

اس دعاء کی برکت يہ ہوگی کہ باوجود اسکے ارادہ کے خير ہی کا صدورہوگا غير خير کا صدور ہی نہ ہوگا (بوادر النوادر – ص: 463

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