Is my job halal?

16 Dec 2020 Ref-No#: 2519

Is my internship halal? I got a scholarship from a Fiji Charity to undergo an internship with them. My job is to preserve the natural environment of Fiji through designing recycling workshops for ladies or writing environmental policies. However I am unsure if I am allowed to take the job because the company itself has some haram elements. The company runs many volunteer programs to Fiji where people help local Fiji villages but they are also encouraged to participate in Fiji’s ceremonies such as the Kava ceremony (where you drink Kava which I have read is haram), they encourage you to wear their clothes (which I believe might be imitating non-Muslims) and visit their churches and live in a Fiji town with a Fijian family.

However, my job is virtual meaning I will not be traveling to Fiji to participate in these cultural activities and I will only be learning about the culture. Will my environmental work be haram because I am working with a charity that has non-Islamic values and promotes Fijian culture and customs?

It is important to note that my internship program had a fee and this money went into this charity for them to organize their volunteer projects, however since I got a scholarship I am not paying anything towards this organization.

This is the link for the organisation:


Wa’alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

The income you receive is in for designing recycling workshops for ladies and writing environmental policies. Furthermore, you are not compelled to join them in any of their Haram activities. We went through the website, and found that they are not running only on Haraam. Your income will be permissible.

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