Claim from insurance

23 Oct 2021 Ref-No#: 3862

Assalamu alaikum. Hope you are keeping well mufti sahib.
I attained a master card debit card which grants me free travel insurance. When I was travelling to Turkey, it was a requirement to get travel insurance and as mentioned above, my card company gave me free travel insurance. On my return, my flight was delayed by 7 hours and on my cover, it compensates me for delayed flight of over 4 hours therefore I am applicable for a claim.
Am I allowed to claim from the insurance?
N.b the debit card is an elite card which my bank gave me although I am not from the ‘elite’. Do contact me, should you require any further details for clarification.

Jazakallahu khairan.


Wa’alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

The insurance is considered as a ‘gift’ from the bank. Hence, it will be prmissible for you to request the compensation. If they compensate, well and good. However, if, for whatever reason, they refuse to cover this, then you cannot force them (example, you cannot take legal action)

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