Can we show pictures for marriage via matrimonial websites?

22 May 2019 Ref-No#: 1745

Salam, I’m currently seeking to get married. My parents are also searching for proposals through marriage bureaus and they have shared my profile and picture but I’m also(with parents’ consent) searching on my own through muslim matrimonial websites. I have however made my profile but I don’t show my photos so to not get unwanted attention and in hope that only serious people will approach me, if they like my profile. After talking to propsects, I’m asked for picture and for that I’m not comfortable that is sending pictures or even making my photos visible and that puts alot of people off. Also, I know that for marriage, one is allowed to see the other person but since this is the internet, I’m bit doubtful. I instead ask people to contact me through Skype etc so that this way one is able to see and also communicate easily but again not alot of people agree for this. What should I do? Should I forward my pictures to prospects? I am confused and this has led to alot of people being put off and leaving the conversation midway. Jazak Allah


Wa’alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

With regards to using matrimonial sites, we advise that you read the following detailed Fatwaa:

Whilst it is permissible to see the prospective person one intends marrying, sending a picture should be done as a last resort.  Besides just the Islamic ruling, if the marriage does not work out, it might not be in your best interest that a strange person has your photo.

Continue making Dua and place your complete trust in Allah. Insha Allah, Allah will bless you with a compatible spouse when the time is right.


(Fatawa Rahimiyya, 5 /152)


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