About praying with impurity on body and clothing when away from home

09 Oct 2018 Ref-No#: 1080

Assalamu ‘Alaykum

I deemed this matter to be highly urgent as it has driven me to great distress such that I cannot continue on without finding a solution to it. I have started studying at university. I did my best in compiling a time table that permits the upholding of timely prayer, albeit the time windows are somewhat narrow. Only, there is a problem with my particular case, which is that I happen to experience unpredictable and unnoticable emission of impurity. The rate of this occurance is insufficient to be considered incontinent according to both the rulings of the consensus and the Malikis – it simply does not occur often enough. But that is only worse for me because I find no way to clean myself of this impurity when I am not at home because it is mostly dry thus mere Istijmar with tissues will not suffice. In addition I have a heavy visual deficiency which makes it difficult for me to find my way in unfamiliar areas such as public bathrooms in mosques.

As previously noted, my window of opportunity for praying is present but slim. What if, while praying, I was to notice some emission such that my prayer would be invalidated. Not only could I not remove it, but it would also take time to repeat wudhu and prayer – time I do not always have. Then what if this happens during Jumu’ah when there is only one chance.

Whether I notice something or not, I know from experience that there almost always is some impurity present which I highly suspect is due to some medical condition. The point is, that it would be unrealistic for me to assume that there is nothing there simply because I felt nothing – that is only too rarely the case.

So to sum up, the problem is that:
1.) I almost cerainly have some impurity when going to pray when away from home.
2.) There is a small chance that during my prayer some impurity may come, out invalidating it.
3.) I find it almost impossible to clean it when not at home unless maybe with tissues, but again:
a) I take time due to my poor vision.
b) The impurity is mostly dry.

The last thing I want is to be unjustifiably deemed as excused because this impurity, although unpredictable, does not keep coming out for at least half the prayer time, which is the Maliki requirement and that is considered the easiest ruling. But at the same time, this matter seems difficult and it is often stated that there should not be any hardship in religion and that it is easy.

Should I instead abandon or change my studies and go home to perform propper Istinja? Or can the presence of impurity be tolerated under these circumstances?


Wa’alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

In your case, you should keep toilet roll in your underwear; so that when the impurity comes out, it does not soil your clothes.

Before every prayer, go to the washroom, wash your private organs and change the toilet roll.

You do mention that there is a ‘small chance’ of impurity emanating whilst you are praying. Follow the principle that you are clean unless you are sure of the impurity. This is for your own benefit; otherwise it will become difficult for you. If Allah has made it easy, why do you want to assume that impurities still came out? Even if impurities did come out but you were unaware, your Wudhu will not be affected. So ignore those doubts.

So yes, Islam is easy….if you do not notice any impurity, or you are unaware of any impurity, your Wudhu will not be nullified.

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