About my marriage relation

04 Dec 2021 Ref-No#: 4082

Assalamu Walaikum Waa Rahmatullah Waa Barakatuh.

My husband used to put his hand on my face or scold me from time to time during quarrels. But it would not last long, he would manage. A lot of times I would tell my parents if something was serious, he would come and explain it to me or it would be explained to him that his behavior is not normal. His various human problems had been going on for a long time which I could understand but he could not understand. Many times I was in pain but when I told him he couldn’t remember if he did that. But it cost me to think about why he behaved in such a way. There were times when he would come or kill with whatever he had at his disposal (knives, scissors, sticks). Again, if I was scared, I would stop crying. But he would get angry in a very short time. She wouldn’t mind if I asked her later or if I told her. Getting a little angry or not remembering it was a problem for a long time but he didn’t treat me even though I told him. The girl has been in pain a lot or more before, but she is no longer as ignorant as such ummahs! Maybe he got angry after giving a slap or a slap. I was living in this situation. But on the night of June 21, he lost control of himself, at some point after recovering from my own humanitarian catastrophe.
On the 21st of June, he hit me hard with a very trivial incident. My three-year-old daughter was sitting on the bed playing with her mobile phone. I was also sitting on the other side of the bed a little away working on the mobile. The girl’s father was also sitting next to her on the other side, at that time he was applying cream for skin problems on her body. In this situation the girl suddenly insisted to take the mobile in my hand, but I did not give it as she was already watching a cartoon with one. The girl insisted that if she turned her head backwards, she would hit her head on the side of the bed. Her father could have grabbed her if he wanted to, but he did not catch her because he applied the cream. Mere went to the bathroom, gave the girl water on her head and started scolding me. I used to tell her that she used to do this often but she didn’t listen to me anymore. She started slapping and punching me randomly. Then he brought his shoes and started hitting me with it. I struggled to save myself, then he grabbed my throat and started pushing me against the wall and head back to the house and trying to hold his breath he kept saying today I will kill you, I will kill you. I was holding my breath, I pushed his chest hard with my hand and went inside the room to get my mobile, then he brought a piece of wood from another room (block printing dice) and hit my forehead hard. And he snatched the two mobile phones. (The girl who was doing this because of a little pain, I don’t think the screams of that girl could reach her ears.) I threw my mobile phone and threw it on the ground. No sound outside. He held the mobile with his feet, this time I was lying on the ground for a few minutes and cried again and tried to pick up the mobile. I kept saying to give my mobile, I will tell my mother and brother that you are killing me. At one point I had a laptop on top of the wardrobe and he tried to turn it on, but he wouldn’t give it to me. When my forehead was bleeding, I just said you kill me like this and get the blood out! For that moment, my husband seemed like a murderer. I was able to grab my mobile phone with a lot of fuss, at that stage again he was coming from the next room with a bread balloon but it did not hurt, at that time I had the mobile phone in my hand, only my mother’s number could be seen. I could only tell my mother to send my mother and brother, they are killing me. At one stage of the scuffle, he again took the mobile phone from his hand, smashed it and threw it! While standing, I pushed the two of them and fell on the bed.
Then he told me you told your mother and brother! Divorce my father’s name three times. At that time, he was not normal. Which I didn’t remember at first. (Immediately after that incident, I myself was completely humanly ill and then. I myself was in a humanitarian catastrophe for more than two months.) Then he behaved abnormally for a long time! All his behavior that day was irrational. I saw the redness in his eyes and face which was very unusual!
His behavior that day was not like any other time of quarreling. I thought someone was trying to kill me! It was like crazy that had never happened before. He did one stunt after another for about half an hour which he did not do at other times. Even if he raised his hand, he would indirectly apologize or stop arguing. That day was terribly unusual! The language of her eyes and mouth did not make her feel like a husband to me for a moment, she looked like a murderer. The effect of energy on his body is not normal for a human being.
Because of my own physical and human disasters, I did not realize then what really happened! Since then, all communication with him has been cut off. Due to which the two did not have the opportunity to present their statements at first.
His humanitarian problems have been accompanied by important medical letters.
Sir, the above written statements are completely true! And he doesn’t remember anything yet. Many more things have happened since then but he still can’t remember everything. Note that the doctor’s advice was taken and he had been suffering from mental problems for a long time which he did not understand, I could understand a little but could not take action.
Sir, according to the above statement, I want a decision according to Islamic Sharia.

The above statements were about the most difficult accident of my life. Which is absolutely true!
My husband speech.

I have been suffering from mental problems for a long time. I have diabetes and high blood pressure. And I was abroad for a long time when I was addicted to various drugs. But later I gave up after I was diagnosed with diabetes. But I was having some mental problems which I did not understand before. When I got angry, I tried to kill my wife with whatever I could get my hands on. But then I would stop again or manage him. But I did not remember everything. Even daily work 6 In that case, I would not have done anything wrong, I would have done it with the help of my wife. Anyway,

The first time my daughter had a headache that day, I got angry at my wife, slapped her two or three times and kicked her in the shoes, then she pushed me, which made me even angrier. What I did to him then, how I hurt him, I don’t remember anything till today. I still can’t remember anything my wife said. I can’t say exactly when I regained consciousness that night, I just remember when I knew when my little girl came to me and pushed me to play, I regained consciousness. And then it seemed to me that what had happened was that I didn’t have a wife. What would happen to my child? I kept crying. After that I was at home in the village in a state of human imbalance for about three months. I have been shown to many doctors, I know that both of us were blasphemed by someone close to me. I’ve been insane since that night. I had no contact with my wife and children and no one allowed me to do so on my wife’s behalf. I love my wife and child very much. I was obsessed with the slightest illness of that wife. Even today I can’t remember how he was hit so hard by me, I get sick with pressure on my chest whenever I think about it.


Wa ʿAlaykum Salām Wa Raḥmatullāhi Wa Barakātuh

We would like to express our heartfelt condolences to you for the circumstances that you are in. May Allāh ﷻ ease your situation and bring relief to you and your family.

Since this matter cannot clearly be understood and involves another party, it would be best to consult one of your local scholars who shall assist in providing the correct guidance after taking into account each one’s version and sequence of events.

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