A idiom

27 Oct 2021 Ref-No#: 3169

There is a Turkish saying Nuh diyor peygamber demiyor that means they say noah, not prophet.
As disbelievers were stubborn and didn’t believe in Hazrat Noah A.S prophethood.
Now this saying is used for someone who is stubborn but i felt its not right to use as it has name of prophet.
Do you think is it permissible or not is it kufr to use it as idiom? As most of people i have seen use it should i stop them.?


There is no problem in using such a phrase when the meaning implied is that of stubbornness in nature and not stubbornness in believing in Allah and accepting Islam.

Also, it does not make reference to the disregard of the Prophet Nooh (peace be upon him) in any way.

However, if people use such a phrase to mean that another is stubborn in believing in Allah and accepting Islam, then people should be discouraged from using it.

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