White discharge

01 Sep 2021 Ref-No#: 3419

If some one is suffering from regular white discharge, for every salah she have to make fresh wudhu..

1. If in middle of prayer and after doing wudhu again she get some white discharge, then with this current wudhu can see read whole namaz? With this she has time to do clean her clothes and make a fresh wudhu for that salah.. But for every prayer it’s going so hard and create more stress to make 2 -3 times wudhu for single prayer. That’s why less concentration on salah .

2.if this white discharge stick on clothes make it impure?

3. If someone is Suffering from above condition and she also have qadha prayer from many years. How can she read her qadha prayers..
Please answer my question .


Wa’alaykum as Salām wa rahmatullāhi wa barakātuhu,

1. A discharge from the inner section of the vagina is usually clear, cloudy, or whitish, moderate in quantity, thin or slightly viscous, and with a mild odor. This is generally slightly thicker and more like slime than perspiration. It is also limpid, viscid, and mucous.

Since many women commonly suffer from this problem, the preferred view is that it will not be regarded as impure; hence, one’s Wuḍū will remain intact and the Ṣalāḥ in such a condition will be valid.

Note: This ruling is applicable if the whitish discharge is not mixed with blood or semen and is not due to arousal, in which case the Wuḍū will be nullified.

2. The fact that it does not nullify one’s Wuḍū, it will therefore not be regarded as impure.

3. (Refer to number 1 above)

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