Kaffarahs of Oath

16 Aug 2021 Ref-No#: 3284

Dear Mufti,
regarding https://fatwaa.com/buying-things-while-being-responsible-for-kaffarahs-of-oath/
I would like to send some more questions which I forgot to ask.

Do I have to sell things like the laptop I possess in order to pay the kaffarah?
Is the world food programme by the United Nations suitable for the kaffarah? It is really cheap. For 7 Euros (where I did it last time) you can feed one child twice per day for 10 days. However, I do not know which food they get.
Can I say while paying “I am intending to pay for the last kaffarah of yamin I broke”?

Make dua for this brother of yours.


Wa’alaykum as Salām wa rahmatullāhi wa barakātuhu,

  1. It is better to rather not sell your laptop or any other essential item. However, you may selll those items which, if sold, will not affect you in anyway. If you do not possess the amount to feed without selling important possessions, you may fast for three days, as explained in the verdict which you quoted.
  1. Since it is unsure whether the food program by the UN provides food that is Halāl (permissible for consumption), you should consider alternative feeding schemes carried out by any of the reputable Islāmic organizations.
  1. It will be sufficient to know in one’s heart that the Kaffārah is being carried out. It is not necessary to ‘say’ or utter the intention.

Furthermore, if one had violated multiple oaths and did not as yet pay the Kaffārah between any of the violations, then the fulfillment of only one Kaffārah will be necessary.

We also request for your  Du’ā.


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[Fatāwā Mahmūdiyyah 5/505 Fārūqiyyah]

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