Cleaning stool.

18 Sep 2018 Ref-No#: 1010


I have a problem when cleaning stool.

Often times when I clean, due to the friction of wiping, I can get spots of blood.

I try to clean it as best as I can. Using water, putting water on tissue and wiping, patting with tissue.

The problem is, the way to figure out if the blood has stopped is by patting it to see if any blood shows. If there is no trace on the tissue, by this logic I believe there is likely dry blood left on my anus so I use water to get rid of it, thus again leading me to wiping and patting which can once again ensue the blood.

I believe the blood comes out of the outer and inner sides of my anus.

I don’t think it flows past its entrance since I usually only see small amounts of blood however every now and then the blood spots can look a little bigger so I’m not 100% sure overall.

Not only is this issue physically painful for me to endure, it results in me spending a lot of time in the toilet. Wasting time I need to use to do wudu and the same for my family members.

I even try to avoid passing stool for days if I can because this is such a nuisance.

Recently I’ve been treating this issue the same way we’re taught to treat a cut that doesn’t flow past its entrance (that it doesn’t invalidate wudu). Lately, when I’ve wiped and done every cleaning method I know a few times, and I still see blood, I just leave it there and just continue with wudu and then prayer.

Now I worry of the possibility that my wudus and prayers may not be valid & I have to deal with so much waswasa on a daily basis anyway. Please help me.


Wa’alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

After passing stool, wipe with toilet paper thrice, and then use water. That area will then be clean. If you dont mind the wetness after the use of water, you do not have to wipe again or pat with the toilet paper. Thus, you would not have any Waswasah on the blood.


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