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Does wudu break through tears or water from.eyes due to pain in them because of eyesight or weakness ? I want to ask weakness of eyes or eyesight or due to oversleeping or wakefulness falls into that sickness which will make the water from that eyes impure i don’t have sore eyes or any infection but i only have layers of pain in eyes but not from infection


Wa‘alaykum as-salām wa raḥmatullāhi wa barakātuhu,

In the context of Wudū’ (ablution) and its nullifiers, it is important to distinguish between different types of tears or discharge from the eyes.

Tears and Wudū’:

  1. Emotional Tears: Tears shed due to emotional reasons, such as sadness or joy, do not break wudū’.
  2. Tears Due to Physical Pain: Tears resulting from physical pain or discomfort, such as from eye strain or tiredness, also do not break Wudū’.

Discharge from the Eyes:

  1. Non-Pathological Discharge: Discharge from the eyes that is not due to an infection or illness (such as tiredness, weakness, or dryness) does not break wudū’. This includes tears from oversleeping, wakefulness, or eye strain.
  2. Pathological Discharge: Discharge due to a medical condition or infection, which may be considered impure, affects the validity of Wudū’.

Specific Case:

In your case, where you experience layers of pain in your eyes due to strain or weakness but not due to infection, the water or tears from your eyes do not nullify your Wudū’. The discomfort you describe is not considered a pathological condition that would render the discharge impure.


  • Tears due to strain or weakness: Do not break wudū’.
  • Discharge from infection: Might need further consideration if it is significant and continuous.

If there is no infection and the tears or discharge are simply due to eye strain or tiredness, your Wudū’ remains valid. You may continue with your prayers without needing to renew your Wudū’ on account of such tears.

May Allāh ease your discomfort and grant you relief from any pain.


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