Uncertain of intention in divorce

25 Feb 2018 Ref-No#: 217

asalahu aleykum brother please help me and my wife had an argument and i have said to her “here is your car keys and your house keys bye bye i am going my dads house” i think was just angry and wanted to punish her or make her scared and i don’t really know what my intention was when i said these words, but i was not ready to issue her with talaq i left the house but came back after 20 minutes when my anger goes and we continued normal, and we forgave each other and had intercourse the same night. i don’t think i was ready to divorce her but i was angry with her . and i am having doubts of my intentions when i said these words. i am just confused this happened 8 months ago and now she pregnant, please help

i dint even know you can divorce like that i only thought divorce would only come to effect if you utter the talaq so having known these words could be considered divorce i am 100% sure i wouldn’t have said it wallahi

i think i said these words with the intention to make my wife worry, but without the intention to divorce her But i am uncertain about my intention when i said these words and forgot what my intention was, will Allah SW judge me for this? and is she still my wife? i fear Allah SW and i am a man who takes his deen very seriously and do not like to life in doubts so please clear this doubts for me my Allah SW guide us all amiin


Wa’alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

Based on what you have explained, no divorce will take place.


في قوله أنت خلية أو ما أشبهها إذا قال لها أنت خلية أو قال برية، أو قال بتة أو قال بائنة، وقال لم أنو به الطلاق فالأصل في جميع ألفاظ الكنايات أنه لا يقع الطلاق إلا بالنية (المحيط البرهاني في الفقه النعماني (3/ 231)

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