Talaq given under duress, anger and in menses

15 Oct 2021 Ref-No#: 3774

Assalaamu alaikum –
Talaq given in Duress, Anger and in Menses
We were married for 15 years and have 3 children,
On Sept’ 2020, I wanted certain clarifications regarding her call records and after prolonged arguments, the reply she gave me really disturbed my mental health and I totally went into depression and lost my normal state of mind, I did not know what is happening around me, And due to my depression & unstable mind, I pronounced the wording ‘I’m giving you 1st talaq’ -, at that period, I completely forgot that she is in her menses. And the same evening ‘I took her back.’
Now my question is whether this Talaq is valid or not valid.

Then in the month of Nov’2020, gave another talaq when she was in tuhur state.
Then in the month of Feb’2021, gave another talaq when she was in tuhur state.



Wa’alaykum as Salām wa rahmatullāhi wa barakātuhu,

In the current scenario, three Talāqs has occurred and the marriage has terminated.

If she would have completed the necessary Iddah period, and thereafter marries another man and consummates the marriage, and in the event that he (the second husband) divorces her and she completes the necessary Iddah period, then only will Nikāh with her be possible if she so desires.

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