Takfīr of a person who assists in spreading Kufr

25 Feb 2018 Ref-No#: 221

A salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

Dear Mufti,

Bismillah, in my city there is a couple (husband and wife),the wife is openly Qadiani and in her house she have 2 big boxes full of Qadianis propaganda books. One day the man invited me, saying to me I have a Quran translated in Italian version to give you, and some books. When I went to his shop he introduced me to his wife, and she was had a “Quran translation” by Qadianis Ahmadya. They initially thought I don’t know about this evil sect, but I immediately told her and her husband that Qadyanis are an heretic movement, and to beware of them. They then took me to their house and I saw 2 boxes full of Qadiani books. The woman gave me 2 books. When she went out the husband realised that I’m very strongly against this cult and I said to him again, “Be careful, Ahmadya are not Muslims they are heretics.” he told me “I’m not Shiite, I’m not Ahmady; I’m Sunni. I just see all books. Like we read the bible why can’t we look at the Ahmadya books, although I’m sunni?”

So dear mufti, I got the impression that he did “taqiyyah” by saying that he is a Sunni, after he noticed that I got upset when I saw they have Qadiany books. And if he helps spreading kufr material, by calling people for taking these books and have them in his house in a large quantity, does this not put him out of Islam?

jazakallah khairan dear mufti


Wa’alaykum as Salām wa raḥmatullahi wa barakātuh,

Since the brother said he is a Sunnī, we will treat him as such and leave the reality to Allāh Ta’ālā. We are commanded to judge according to the apparent. Thus, we will treat him as a Muslim and not as a Qādianī (who are out of the fold of Islām).

There is no doubt that the action of spreading disbelief results in disbelief. However, as for this person himself, we cannot pass the verdict of kufr upon him unless we question him further. There is a principle that in worldly laws we will look for every possible excuse to consider a person a Muslim. Thus, it is mentioned in the books of fiqh that if a person has seventy qualities which render him out of the fold of Islām, and only one quality –even if it is weak- which indicates that he is a Muslim, we will consider him a Muslim.

In order to pass a judgment on this person, we will first have to question him. Perhaps he has some valid excuse, i.e. he may not know what the books contain etc. In that case we cannot regard him as a disbeliever.


بل قالوا لو وجد سبعون رواية متفقة على تكفير المؤمن ورواية ولو ضعيفة بعدمه يأخذ المفتي حاشية ابن عابدين – 1 / 8


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