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29 Jun 2024 Ref-No#: 6247

Asalamu aleykum. My madhab is the shafi madhab.
My dad is not a muslim and drinks alcohol and he invited some of his colleague to come and over and also drink vodka. The colleague wrote as a joke i am afraid of drinking vokda with you. But i can come and eat grill. He then made me write a message like “you can easily drink vodka with me”. I know 100% that he still would have wrote a message like that even without my help.
I am really regretful right now i dont know what i have done.
Am i sinful? Did i commit a big sin? Will my prayers not be answered for 40 days?


Wa ‘alaykum as-salām wa raḥmatullāhi wa barakātuhu,

In the Shāfi‘ī Madhhab, and in Islam in general, aiding or facilitating sin is considered sinful. Writing a message that encourages drinking alcohol falls under this category. However, it is important to approach this situation with both repentance and a constructive plan for moving forward.

Evaluating Your Actions

  1. Intention and Compulsion:
    • If you wrote the message under duress or because you felt you had no choice, this may mitigate your culpability. Nevertheless, it is important to recognize the mistake and seek forgiveness.


  1. Regret and Repentance:
    • Feeling regretful is a sign of sincere repentance.

Steps to Take

  1. Seek Forgiveness (Tawbah):
    • Repent to Allāh: Perform sincere Tawbah by imploring Allāh for forgiveness, feeling genuine remorse, and resolving not to repeat the action. Allāh is the most merciful, and He will most definitely forgive you.


    • Make Amends: If possible, try to counteract the message by encouraging positive and Ḥalal behavior within your capacity.



  1. Personal Accountability:
    • Increase Good Deeds: Engage in acts of worship, charity, and kindness to outweigh any potential sin.
    • Strengthen Your Faith: Seek knowledge and support to help you stand firm in your beliefs and practices, especially when facing similar situations in the future.

Regarding the Impact on Your Prayers

The belief that one’s prayers will not be answered for 40 days is related to the consumption of alcohol, not to facilitating it. Since you did not drink alcohol yourself, this specific consequence does not apply to you. Nonetheless, facilitating sin is serious, and seeking forgiveness is essential.

Moving Forward

It is important to create a supportive environment where you can practice your faith comfortably. Open and respectful dialogue with your family about your boundaries and religious obligations can help prevent such situations in the future.

May Allāh forgive your mistakes, guide you to the straight path, and grant you the strength to uphold your faith in all circumstances.


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