Purity of cleaning agents

20 Oct 2021 Ref-No#: 3753

As salaamu alaikum.

1.Would all soaps and cleaning products be considered pure even if they contain substances such as glycerin, enzymes, alcohol, stearic acid and other animal fats? Are surfaces cleaned with such detergents considered pure such as water mixed with soap to clean the floor or window cleaners that are just wiped off with a cloth and not with fresh water again.

2. If while washing dishes or ones hands, would the soapy droplets that splashes on one clothes and body be considered impure as the soap may containsalcohol or other animal fats.



The following are considered valid forms of cleansing agents, and are permissible to use:

  • Cleansing agents containing any type of glycerine.
  • Cleansing agents containing synthetic alcohol or alcohol derived from other than grapes or dates.
  • Cleansing agents that are made from animal fat. This is because they undergo a complete transformation, even though animal by-products may be used in their production. The same ruling applies in respect to cleansing agents which contain stearic acid.

The following cleansing agents should be avoided:

  • Cleansing agents which contain such ingredients that may cause harmful (side) effects.
  • Cleansing agents containing enzymes. This is because it may not be known whether or not the enzymes are derived from such animals which are permissible for consumption.

The following are not considered valid forms of cleansing agents and are impermissible to use:

  • Cleansing agents containing alcohol derived from dates or grapes.
  • Cleansing agents that are proven to cause harmful (side) effects.
  • Cleansing agents that contain ingredients derived from pigs.

Surfaces that are cleansed using such cleansing agents that are to be avoided, or impermissible to use, should be washed again with any valid form of cleansing agents, and similarly, if any droplets therefrom splash onto the body or clothes.

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