04 Dec 2021 Ref-No#: 2568

I have a question in regards to purity.
I have OCD with regards to purity and sometimes I wake up in the morning and I check my back passage with tissue and I discover a yellow-ish/brown dirt. (This has been ongoing for a 5/6 months now but may have been for longer as I only started checking it recently)

This also occurs throughout the day too and tends to happen if I fart continuously.
Could it be that the fart odour releases a color?? Or could it be the heat of the fart leaving the colour??

I do istinja properly when I visit the bathroom and clean out the back passage however I’m always checking the back passage and most of the time I come across this.
I have a feeling this is probably due to sweating or farting throughout the night/day but i’m not sure and it is making life unbearable for me at times as I am always checking this.

Please can you advise me what this could be and what actions I should take before praying?

If you do recommend wiping, is wiping with dry tissue sufficient or would I need to use water? In the case of using water, could wet wipes be okay? And would it necessitate changing clothes? This happens all too often and can cause me to spend a lot of time in the bathroom and In my room.

Like I said I don’t know where this is coming from and I desperately need help from someone in an Islamic perspective. I don’t believe I have any medical conditions although I haven’t actually been to the doctors with this issue but is this normal?? Like maybe this happens to everyone but not all people are aware of it? Please can you answer all the above questions and put my mind at ease I would really appreciate it greatly. This has caused me a lot of stress and anxiety

Jazakallah khair and I am very sorry for the very long question, May Allah reward you immensely, Ameen


Wa ʿAlaykumus Salām Wa Raḥmatullāhi Wa Barakātuh

While this is not a normal condition, we advise that you seek medical attention to gain insight as to what may be causing such discharge from the back passage due to the passing of wind.

Furthermore, you should consider using toilet paper to ensure that there are no such impurities prior to praying, and to check again after completing your prayers.

If prior to praying you have noticed some traces of it, then wash it out until you are satisfied that it no longer remains, and thereafter to perform ablution.

If after praying you have noticed it, then follow the same steps and repeat the prayer as well.

May Allāh Taʿālā ease your condition.

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