19 Sep 2021 Ref-No#: 3534

Assalamu Alaikum ua rahmatullahi ua barakatuh, mufti saheeb!

In psychology, there are zodiac signs and in no case does this mean divination, prediction, etc. as zodiac signs in Astrology. And here psychologists give general similar temperaments for one sign. For example, psychologists say who was born in the month of the sign of cancer – they are very sensitive, suspicious. Psychologists have identified this statement from observation (from experience), and they do not consider this to be the absolute truth. However, they believe that this happens in most cases. Speaking about general temperaments, no one talks about the character of a person, since everyone has it in different ways. We are talking here only about temperament and their description. Is it permissible to trust such things with understanding that it doesn’t predict someone’s fate?


Wa’alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

From our reading on this, we understand that psychologists merely regard the birth month of a person to indicate the personality, character, and traits that the person may have. There is no reading of any stars or studies of any planets.

Rather, psychologists merely use the terminology of Astrologers, but the study and method of arriving to a conclusion is totally different. Psychologists are merely using a predetermined set of rules to get a basic idea of the temperament and personality of an individual.

This is very similar to studying the traits and qualities of one’s parents and colleagues, and inspecting his environment and community, and from there getting an idea on how a person will conduct himself.

They do believe that every person is unique, and these indications are not cast in stone (absolute truth). Rather, it could even be 100% incorrect.

If the above is correct, then there is no problem with such a study. It will be permissible, but you cannot fully trust the conclusion. Read it as you read a weather forcast; understanding  that there is room for error.

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