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01 Aug 2018 Ref-No#: 856

Assalamualyakum warahmatullahi wabarakutuhu

I am a university student however over the past few months i have had an inclination towards enrolling in Darul ulhoom and quitting university I have also done many istikharas for this decision and the istikhara responses seems to be also saying that i should pursue hilm (sheikhs on this website have encouraged me in previous answers and from my dreams have deciphered that pursuing the world could drown me metaphorically) however my parents and grandfather are opposed to this idea of me leaving university and say that i should complete univeristy and then join a madrassah later on.

So I dont know whether to obey my parents and grandfather or follow the istikhara interpretation from the sheikhs and go to a madrassah (sorry for the long question)



Wa’alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

You made mention about making many Istikharahs and consulting various Shaykhs on (different) websites. We suggest that you choose only one Shaykh in whom you have the most respect and conviction, and consult only with him. Otherwise, if you ask many different people, you might get conflicting answers which would result in more confusion. After consulting with that one Shaykh, then make Istikharah once, and make your final decision.

Your respected parents are not against you studying Deen; rather, they just prefer that you complete something that you have already begun, and then pursue further studies.  You should not totally ignore what your elders advise you.

Our humble advise will depend on what you are currently studying in University, as well as the amount of time left to complete your studies. If there are 3 years or less remaining of your studies, then see f you can do both (your university studies as well as your Islamic studies) simultaneously. Thus, if you are able to complete your university studies online, then we suggest that you enroll in the Darul Ulum, and complete your university studies through correspondence. And if that’s not possible, then see if you can fit in some extra time in your current schedule, and commence your Islamic studies online via  a reputable Darul Ulum. Insha Allah, in that way you will be accomplishing both.

If you have more than 3 years of your studies remaining, then too, commence with the first 3 years in the manner explained above. After the third year, you can then make Mashwara again, and put either of the studies on hold. Perhaps once your parents see the change which the Islamic studies brought into your life, they would allow you to pause your secular studies and complete your Islamic studies.

If it is not possible to combine both studies, then you should approach your parents with extreme respect and explain to them the benefits of studying Islamic knowledge. You should apply your mind and use Hikmah (wisdom) when addressing them. You should also explain to them that by perusing Islamic studies they too will receive great reward from Allah Ta’ala. Commence Taleem of Fadhaail Amaal everyday in your home, and insha Allah, this will assist in getting your parents to understand the importance and virtues of Islamic studies. Continue making Dua, and make the firm intention that as soon as it is possible, you will definitely go to a Darul Ulum. Don’t disrespect your parents in anyway. Insha Allah, there will be Baraka in what you do.


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