Oxidization of Discharge

16 Aug 2018 Ref-No#: 887


I often worry about air getting into my private area and oxidizing my discharge, thus changing the colour to yellow.

Air can get into a woman’s private area and this does happen. Due to this possibility, I find myself constantly worrying about the positions of my legs, how I sit and stand, how I breathe in the process – as I’ve read that air can get pulled in if you do something a certain way.

I’ve become paranoid. Because I don’t want to mistakenly assume my clear discharge is yellow.

1. Should I ignore these doubts?

2. When the discharge is still wet, does that mean it hasn’t oxidized?


Wa’alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

If you are really being bothered or doubtful with regards to the colour of the dried blood, then the Fuqaha have suggested that you use a Kursuf. A Kursuf is cotton which you place ontop of your pad and put it right at the vaginal opening securing it between the labial lips. You should place it in such a manner that the lips kind of clamp around it. Placing it in this manner minimizes the risk of oxidation and thereby one will be more accurately able to determine when the menstruation starts and end.

Yes, if the blood is not dried, you will take that colour into consideration.


وإنما يعتبر اللون على الكرسف حين يرفع وهو طري لا حين يجف هكذا في المحيط فلو رأت بياضا خالصا على الخرقة ما دام رطبا فإذا يبس اصفر فحكمه حكم البياض وكذا لو رأت حمرة أو صفرة فإذا يبست ابيضت تعتبر حالة الرؤية لا حالة التغير هكذا في التجنيس  (الفتاوى الهندية – (1/ 36)

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