Oath of kufr/statement of kufr

14 Jun 2021 Ref-No#: 2650

Assalam alikum please tell me in detail how i can get out of this situation

Sometime ago i made a statement it was either:

1.(if i get married then i am not kafir/ if i dont get married then i am kafir)

2. If i get married then i am kafir .

I dont remember which one but it was either of the two (most certainly the 1st one 90% sure)

I know i made a foolish and grave mistake i am fearful to the point of shaking i dont remember my intentions neither i knew islamic ruling regarding it .

If i talk about 1ST statement i didn’t had any intention of getting married i dont know why i said those stupid things i am under constant fear what will happen if i die like this (unmarried ) and will i become kafir. Will i remain kafir if didn’t get married i repeat shahadah many times but feel like commiting kufr due to first statement.

Plese tell me how to get out of this oath i have few legal issues and i cant get married plese tell me how can i break this oath anything expitation begging Allah for mercy and forgiveness what should i do to absolve my self from this oath (can i say i broke my oath and pay expitation and repent how should i break my oath)


Wa’alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

Alhamdulillah, you realise you made a grave mistake. In future, please do be vigilant and do not utter statements like these.

Your statements will be regarded as an oath.  As such, you should pay the Kaffarah two times: One time for not getting married at present, and one time after you get married.

The kaffarah for breaking an oath is:

1.      Freeing a slave (not applicable in today’s times), or

2.      Feeding ten poor people two average meals, or

3.      Clothing ten poor people with average clothes.

If one cannot fulfill any of the any of the above three for a valid reason, then he may fast for three consecutive days.


ولو قال إن فعل كذا فهو يهودي أو نصراني أو مجوسي أو بريء عن الإسلام أو كافر أو يعبد من دون الله أو يعبد الصليب أو نحو ذلك مما يكون اعتقاده كفرا فهو يمين استحسانا والقياس أنه لا يكون يمينا وهو قول الشافعي وجه القياس أنه علق الفعل المحلوف عليه بما هو معصية فلا يكون حالفا كما لو قال إن فعل كذا فهو شارب خمرا أو آكل ميتة  (بدائع الصنائع  –  3/ 8) 

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