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16 Oct 2018 Ref-No#: 1083


I’m a young female who enjoys watching romance shows and movies/video games. I always cover the parts in which people kiss. Ever since I began practicing it’s been hard for me to find holistic activities for entertainment that aren’t against Islamic guidelines. I don’t go to the cinema anymore. These types movies/shows make me quite happy. I think they’re a nice past time for me. Is this forbidden? Despite the efforts I make to conceal any overly romantic parts? They don’t push me to pursue forniciation or masturbation, they just give me a nice feeling in my heart.

I asked another Shaykh this question and he said he didn’t know. So I’m assuming it’s a confusing topic.


Wa’alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

There are numerous wrongs when watching movies. Even if you are really successful the parts where the actors kiss; there are still various other sins which takes when watching these shows and movies; for example:

·        Looking at people of the opposite gender without dire necessity and in a way prohibited by Islam. The Quran also commands females to lower their gazes, and this is not feasible in the case of TV and movies.

·        Listening to music. Every program on the TV will have some music, and this causes hypocrisy to grow in ones heart.

·        Displaying pictures in the house when the screen is switched on. According to the hadith, pictures prevent angels of mercy from entering the house. If there are no angels of mercy in the house, the house will be full of devils.

·        Watching and listening to immoral people, thereby, creating admiration for them and their ways. The hadith tells us that a person in the life hereafter will be with the ones he loves and admires.

·        Wasting time. Time is very precious according to Islam and it is amongst the first things a person will be questioned about on the day of judgement.

Besides all the above, by watching TV shows, one is putting himself in a state of heedlessness. Often it is because of this heedlessness that many prayers are missed.

As for entertaining yourself, we should realise that as Muslims we have a greater purpose in life. We were created to prepare for the hereafter.  Every second of ours is valuable, and we will have to give account of how we spentevery moment.

By sacrificing the ‘entertainment’ of this world, we can invest our resources to attain the entertainment if the hereafter. For us, the world is the place to prepare for the hereafter, and not a place of enjoyment.

The happiness you are getting from watching movies is artificial. It is like a pain killer.

Recite more Quran in your free time, and increase in your rememberance of Allah. This will bring true happiness and pleasure.

You may also engage in recreation which has benefit. For example, keeping within the confines of Hijaab, you may go for swimming. Reading beneficial books is also recommended.

In short, rather use your free time to prepare for the hereafter, or do something which will benefit you.


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