Menses and salah

01 Jul 2024 Ref-No#: 6273

I had asked questions #6260 … Jazakallah for replying,
My last bleeding was from 8th June till 19th June, and I’m seeing white discharge with thin redness since 27th June but the proper bleeding has not started yet.
My previous menstrual cycles were as below :
20th March – 27th March
11th April – 18th April
15th may – 22th May
8th June -19th June (last cycle)
27th June and continue
I get white discharge with redness once or twice a day for 3-4 days at the beginning and end of my cycle… so I’m always confused wether I should stop praying or not, because sometimes total days exceeds 10 days so if i were to count these days and stop praying then at the end I might need to consider actual cycle days as istihada. .. Please guide me about how should I count my cycle days which days i should consider as istihada and which one’s as part of my cycle.
Also I’ve contacted doctor about sudden change in my cycle pattern but all the tests turned out to be normal.
Jazakallah khair.


Wa‘alaykum as-salām wa raḥmatullāhi wa barakātuhu,

Please note that since you did not have a complete 15 days of purity between March and April, we will need the dates before that too.

To accurately determine the ruling, we need additional information. Specifically, since there was not a complete 15-day period of purity between March and April, please provide the dates prior to March. Basically, we require the date of your last valid ṭuhr (a period of 15 days or more of purity).

Additionally, if you can provide the (exact or approximate) times when the bleeding started and ended, it will be helpful in making a precise determination.

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