Kufr and nikkah

22 Feb 2022 Ref-No#: 4163

hazrat actually i am affected of ocd but not get certification from doctor.. I didnt went to doctor.. Actually after marriage I get waswas of divorce and then kufr… It was reading masala misal in net and due that I went in to more ocd.. Fearness.. Now its 9 year I am in these kufr.. Actually my question are if you can give me clear answer it will be grateful… Today I have read in website in that it’s written if male husband utter kufr it nullfiess nikkah and it will effect 1 talaq to wife husband if he renew nikkah in future he will have remaining 2 talaq in his hand coz of kufr.. So I got feared I have ask some mufti they told me it doesn’t matter if it’s third time renew nikkah.. So say unintentionally kufr doesn’t make you kafir… I didnt get clear answer and today I read this I got feared… Where my nikkah stand.. And how much I have talaq in my hand?? Coz I never utter divorce word to wife.. Yes due to kufr I have done unintentionally came from my toungue…. Now hazrat you decide does it make me kafir…

1) I was with my friend I utter unintentionally in mazak ( es ka upar char jaha bismilla) it mean from backside do it in a joke way I asked mufti answer renew iman and faith.. .. So I just read kilma and renew nikkah

2) then next day with friend I said inappropriate word and at end said bismilla…
I was narrating talking about alahadees about sperm halal haram and I narrating deoband mufti said sperm ko kulfi ban Kar kha bismilla.. In that I ask about mufti said again Renew eman nikkah.. Then I got afraid and I ask 4 individuals mufti they told me no need to renew nikkah emaan.. But you shouldn’t say.. Then I didn’t renew nikkah coz 4 mufti told nothing happen

3) then I used to do Nasha with friend and in nasha my friend think I am some Wali deendar person and in that place my habit made I use to make dua to Allah and it fulfill dua and that environment I felt Allah have given me powers I can do anything and make dua and It will full as you want halal.. And friend inderictly ask to do this work.. So I never utter any kufr shirk words.. I always told them ask Allah but I do make inside dua for them as they tell problem inderictly .. Mufti told me nothing happen but in future it make you in shirk… So I left that place when I listen namaz doesn’t count 40 days

4) then I get again doubts you didn’t renew emaan read kilma first time renew nikkah then how is your nikkah valid.. I ask mufti he said if you in doubt renew emaan nikkah and then I again renew Eman and nikkah and then I get doubt that witness didn’t hear or I didn’t and then for my comfort I renew nikkah again..

5)then my wife addicted to TikTok song video on it.. So there were some song kufr she didn’t utter but make video on it.. I asked mufti he told better to renew nikkah and once my wife talking to sister they were getting fight my wife utter om shanti om.. Like that.. Most mufti said it wekean his emaan but doesn’t make kaffir but one mufti told me it’s better to renew emaan and nikkah.. So I did again renew nikkah.. My family anger at me you made.. Nikkah is not joke.. And now my wife make TikTok video on it one mufti told me you can renew nikkah any time and your intercourse will be halal if you don’t do renew nikkah.. But it’s better…do it later

Now i read this article if husband did kufr and this also count as 1 divorce.. I wana ask where my nikkah stand. How many chance I have.. Coz I never utter divorce words.. I am in ocd.. Always reading fatwa.. I don’t want to do kufr nauzbilla it’s maybe unintentionally and slip of toungue… I have done nemurous time renew nikkah and in future I am Also fear maybe again something unintentionally come from my toungue then my nikkah permanently nullifies nikkah..?? .. Here no mufti is here I can discuss that why i ask online.. But no one know my situiton ocd waswas kufr due to that I have done renew nikkah multiple times and now read this article 1time kufr =1 divorce it make me more nervous… Please hazrat my life is ruin.. .. I don’t want this ocd life.. I have seen kufr. Movies but I am not pleased with kufr but I am getting fear.. I am getting terrible thoughts about nikkah kufr divorce… Everything Is confusing I don’t know what to do… Jaizkhalkhair


Assalāmuʿalaykum Wa Raḥmatullāhi Wa Barakātuh

Since this matter had previously been discussed with another Muftī, we suggest that it be reverted to him without unnecessarily taking the opinions of other Muftīs as this will lead to much confusion in this case.

May Allah Ta’ala ease your conditions and grant you goodness, blessings and complete happiness.

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