12 Sep 2021 Ref-No#: 3481

I have a question that I have 2 friends in school that are my friends and respect me and that I am becoming a scholar so I asked them who prayed there fajr namaz and not one put there hands up and said we never pray so is that kufr and another said he doesn’t care that he’s going to hell I was kind of shocked then and some months/weeks before that he said if he goes to hell he will kick shaytan so all of those things they said is it kufr and the kicking shaitan in hell bit please could you explain to me on that and I don’t know why one of them is thinking he’s going to hell and doesn’t care I don’t know what to do with them am I allowed to be friends with them and hang out with them still


Wa’alaykum as Salām wa rahmatullāhi wa barakātuhu,

If a person said that they never pray, or that they do not care that they are going to hell, then this will not constitute Kufr.

This is so because the statements carry other meanings such as “we never prayed (in the past)” or “I do not care that I am going to hell, because I have hope of going to Paradise”. Therefore, such a statement is not sufficient to regard a person as being out of the fold of Islām. [Radd Al-Muhtār 4/224 Saīd]

You may continue being friends with them, giving them hope and encouraging them to adopt the path of righteousness by your actions and speech, provided you are not negatively impacted by them, in which case you should keep a safe distance from them in order to protect yourself but at the same time not totally disregarding them.


وفي الفتاوى الصغرى: الكفر شئ عظيم فلا أجعل المؤمن كافرا متى وجدت رواية أنه لا يكفر اه‍.

وفي الخلاصة وغيرها: إذا كان في المسألة وجوه توجب التكفير ووجه واحد يمنعه، فعلى المفتي أن يميل إلى الوجه الذي يمنع التكفير تحسينا للظن بالمسلم. زاد في البزازية: إلا إذا صرح بإرادة موجب الكفر فلا ينفعه التأويل ح. وفي التتارخانية: لا يكفر بالمحتمل، لان الكفر نهاية في العقوبة فيستدعي نهاية في الجناية ومع الاحتمال لا نهاية اه‍. والذي تحرر أنه لا يفتي بكفر مسلم أمكن حمل كلامه على مجمع حسن، أو كان في كفره اختلاف ولو رواية ضعيفة، فعلى هذا فأكثر ألفاظ التكفير المذكورة لا يفتي بالتكفير فيها، وقد ألزمت نفسي أن لا أفتي بشئ منها اه‍. كلام البحر باختصار. (رد المحتار 4/224 سعيد)