Is my business haram?

25 Aug 2021 Ref-No#: 3361

My business is about “sneakerbotting”. There is a big and hyped market of sneakers, that are very sought after, but due to the supply of those specific shoes, being very low, there is a high demand, hence why it is profitable to buy and sell those shoes. But due to “sneakerbotting” being a popular business, trying to accquire those shoes with “bots”, is pretty much impossible, hence why I use automation programs on websites, that speeds up the transaction between me and the retail store. The thing is, am i utilizing deception? Because, the website doesn’t allow people to buy more than one item per person, but due to me using different addresses, names, credit cards, phones, etc, i can order multiple shoes, and resell for a profit. Is that deception? In my opinion, I’m not hurting anybody with it, the company asks for 140 usd, i give them 140 usd. So in conclusion, I’m not breaking the law, or cheating the company, but the only deception included is making multiple fake accounts, and getting more than one pair, when i’m not supposed to, and also utilizing so called “bots”, to make things faster. Please take into account, that only accquiring one pair at a time, is not convenient, because with bots, and other expenses, things can get very expensive, and most likely make me lose money.


Wa’alaykum as-Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

Since the website stipulates that a person may only purchase one pair, it will not be appropriate for you as one person to decieve the company and create multiple accounts.

However, you may ask your wife, kids, friends and other seperate individuals and different people if you can purchase on their names. In that way, you will still be able to purchase multiple pairs, and it will not be wrong.

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