Income Halal or Haram

30 Jun 2024 Ref-No#: 6095

Selam Alejkum

I am working for a company called Axis Communications a Company whiz sells Video surveillance cameras and now as well audio recording and audio speaker technology The only purpose and main reason is for security safety issues . Soo to give an example the cameras record the Surveillance Video and can be connected to our audio speakers or horns to give an alarm sound for a specific safety issue so people may also use that in a other form that they use the speaker also for Music and I know music is Haram and I will not advocate them to use it for that but the company itself presented that music can also be played from the audio solution we provide so I don’t know if the people or costumers will use it for such porpoise but I don’t know now is that kind of a sales job haram so the audio system are not like normal speakers where people buy to play music the are safety equipment that connect to the camera but can also be used for music

so is working in such company that provides such solutions Haram or is my Inccome Halal


Wa‘alaykum as-salām wa raḥmatullāhi wa barakātuhu,

Working for a company that sells surveillance and audio technology like, where the primary purpose is security and safety, is generally permissible (halal). Your income from such a job would be considered Ḥalāl as long as your role and actions align with Islamic principles.

Regarding the use of the audio equipment for purposes like playing music, which is prohibited (Ḥarām) in Islam, your responsibility as an employee would be to advocate and promote the equipment strictly for its intended use in security and safety applications. If the company markets or allows the equipment to be used for purposes contrary to Islamic teachings, such as playing music, it would not be permissible for you to promote or support those uses.

As long as your work involves promoting the lawful and intended use of the equipment—enhancing security, safety, and emergency response capabilities—your income would be Ḥalāl. However, if you are directly involved in promoting or facilitating the use of the equipment for Ḥarām purposes like playing music, then that specific aspect of your work would not be permissible from an Islamic perspective.

It is important to maintain awareness of Islamic ethical principles in your job responsibilities and ensure that your actions align with these principles as much as possible.

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