I said to Allah that I won’t play Chess again. But now I get tempted to play it

21 Oct 2020 Ref-No#: 2468

A month earlier, Allah blessed me and now I pray 5 times a day (Alhumdulillah). I used to play Chess, and I also said to Allah that I won’t play Chess from now on because it was taking a lot of my time. I haven’t played Chess for more than a month now but I get really tempted to play it.

Is Chess now haram on me? Or do I need to give a kaffara? Can I even play it again in life?

Please help me so the Satanic waswasas go away. Remember that I did not take an oath or swear in front of Allah. I just said “No Chess from now on”.

May Allah forgive my sins.


Wa’alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

Firstly, it should be noted that the general ruling on chess is:

  • If it involves gambling or makes one oblivious of his prayers, then it is not permissible (Haram)
  • If it does not involve gambling and does not distract one from his prayers, then it will be severely prohibited (Makruh Tahrimi

Therefore, irrespective of the words that you uttered, it will be incumbent to abandon playing chess.

As for your statement, since you did not take the name of Allah, and just mentioned a statement, it will not be considered as an oath. However, you should repent for going against your word. Insha Allah, Allah will forgive you.


 …أو يقامر بالنرد والشطرنج”. لأن كل ذلك من الكبائر، وكذلك من تفوته الصلاة للاشتغال بهما، فأما مجرد اللعب بالشطرنج فليس بفسق مانع من الشهادة، لأن للاجتهاد فيه مساغا. (الهداية – 312/3)

ويكره اللعب بالشطرنج والنرد وثلاثة عشر وأربعة عشر وكل لهو ما سوى الشطرنج حرام بالإجماع وأما الشطرنج فاللعب به حرام عندنا والذي يلعب بالشطرنج هل تسقط عدالته وهل تقبل شهادته فإن قامر به سقطت عدالته ولم تقبل شهادته وإن لم يقامر لم تسقط عدالته وتقبل شهادته ولم ير أبو حنيفة رحمه تعالى بالسلام عليهم بأسا وكره ذلك أبو يوسف ومحمد رحمهما الله تعالى تحقيرا لهم كذا في الجامع الصغير )الفتاوى الهندية – 5/ 352)

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