Help with checking Muslim spiritual amil/healer

22 Jan 2020 Ref-No#: 2293


Assalam alaikum. Dear mufti Ismail Moosa. I need your advice about this person: (hereinafter referred to as “BR”) who gives himself out as a Muslim spiritual healer / amil. In particular, he offers all sorts of spiritual services and the manufacture and sale of spiritual objects. He also has a connection with djinns and he is also engaged in rukay and he is the amyl of some of the antiquities of the Qur’an. Karoche say he is a universal person, I would even say a find in our time. I want to find out from you whether I can buy something from him or order his spiritual work without fear of leaving my religion, since now it’s not uncommon for people who impersonate healers / Amil themselves to commit kufr or design different heresies that are run can reach kufr. According to BR, everything that he does is permissible in Islam and he even claims that what he is doing is “Halal” and since he is a Muslim, can I trust his words? What can you download about it.

Jazzaka Allazu Hairan.


Wa’alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

As Muslims, we believe in Jinn, and we fully understand the havoc that they can cause in a persons life. In fact, the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) himself was also afflicted with Sihr (black magic). It is for this reason that we have the science of Ruqya. The benefits of going to a reliable practitioner is only appreciated by those who are really affected.

However, since people are willing to pay huge sums of funds to get relieve, the market has unfortunately been overtaken by a great amount of scammers. Hence, one needs to maintain caution as to who he is going to for treatment.

Unfortunately, we cannot comment on Brother Rahman, since we have no knowledge on how exactly he is forming these amulets etc. However, on his website, he is selling talismans of luck (like getting married etc). This does raise some concerns. Whilst he does claim that he is using words of the Quran, fasting etc, we do not know of any Sahaba or pious predecessors who made such amulets. Rather engage in Du’aa and implore Allah to make your future bright.

Furthermore, although he is making alot of Ibadah (as he claims) to release one amulet, the costs are really steep. Is he charging so much for his Ibadah? There are many pious Raaqis (healers) who are assisting hundreds of people, and most are successfully being cured, yet they do not charge such exorbitant fees. We therefore advise that it is best to rather seek another Raaqi.


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