Halal money from selling your own organ

01 Sep 2021 Ref-No#: 3415

Salam. I have irreversible permanent problems with finances for many reasons and consequences. Is it permissible in Islam to donate orgones for rewards?

* – not according to the hack, but according to humanity.
** – and not the traditional list, but the leberal, filosov.


Wa’alaykum as Salām wa rahmatullāhi wa barakātuhu,

We pray that Allāh grants you ease, and solve all your problems. Whilst we might feel that a test is ‘irreversible’, Allāh is the most powerful, and He can arrange a way out.

Allāh  has granted much honor to the human being and had entrusted them with bodies which will someday be returned to Allāḥ; hence, the removing of vital organs and other bodily changes are done without a valid reason would be impermissible.

Organ donation will be permitted under  the following conditions:

1.    The donor’s life is not endangered.

2.    The donor willfully chooses to donate and does not do so under duress.

3.    The life of another depends on it.

Furthermore, there is no value that can be attached to the priceless organs of human beings, and it will be impermissible to sell an organ or donate an organ in lieu of some other benefit.

Lastly, this world is a temporary abode in which Allāh  puts every person through different trials and tribulations such as financial constraints, marital hardships, and so forth.

As human beings, especially those who have been blessed with Imān, Allāh  has been really kind to us in that He has also provided us with solutions to overcome such trials.

In the current scenario, we highly recommend the following:

·         Having complete trust and reliance in Allāh , because Allāh  is that being who is in control of all our affairs.

·         Engaging in repentance for our wrongdoings. It could sometimes be the case that a condition has befallen us as a result of something wrong which we may have done; thus, to remove that barrier and allow for goodness and ease.

·         Duʿā. Supplicate to Allāh  and ask from Him. This is termed by the Prophet  as ‘the weapon of a believer’. Use it as a means to fight off the condition you are placed in by seeking the help and assistance of Allāh .

·         Bear patience. Allāh  has given glad tidings to those who endure patience during difficult times.image.gif

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