Family turning against a person who left Islam

27 Feb 2018 Ref-No#: 386

Assalam A w w b Janab Mufti, Sahab,

My question is:

A girl of a very religious and conservative Muslim family eloped with a Hindu Boy in the year 1992, causing great inconvenience and disgrace to  her family which cannot possibly be described in words. This was further enhanced by the fact that the girls elder brother was and still is mentally and physically unfit and she had 3 younger sisters. Two of them were adult and were in college whilst the youngest was still in school. They all had to discontinue their studies, as no alliance was coming forward to marry them, somehow they got married. Consequently their father died due to the stress and humiliation of this whole issue.

Now after 21 years that girl who eloped wrote a letter that she, her husband and her two children have embraced Islam 7 months back, on 6th Oct 2013, and performed Nikah. However, she still lives in the same atmosphere/surroundings of shirk, I have not seen her husband and her son in any mosque in any prayer in the last seven months, although I live hardly 3km from them.

In all these years, her mother, late father, brother and sisters have vowed not to see her face again. we are  confused.

She wants to meet her mother, n her sisters, what should we do, do we believe her about her conversion, please answer me according to Quran and Sunnah of our prophet pbuh.


Wa’alaykum as Salam,

In matters of faith, we will accept the verbal statement of a person.

Thus, if she clearly states that they became Muslims, you will have to accept it.

This can be gauged from the incident of Muaz (r.a), when the person recited the Kalima just before Hadhrat Muaz could kill him.

For your peace of mind, perhaps you can also ask her which Alim made the Nikah.

Thus, all those who vowed not to talk to her should pay the kaffarah and now welcome her and her husband back.

(المادة 68) دليل الشيء في الأمور الباطنة يقوم مقامه.
يعني أنه يحكم بالظاهر فيما يتعسر الاطلاع على حقيقته. (مجلة الأحكام العدلية (ص: 24)

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