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26 Sep 2018 Ref-No#: 1020

Islamic question : one of my friend name I m not mentioning due to his request
He is very upset and depressed due to weak faith and believe.
He tells his faith towards all Islamic pillers and akhirah are weak in past he fine but since more than 2 Year suddenly his imaan going weak even he started 5 times pray , tasbihat etc but not getting faith back he has a fear of die he always think about death and thereafter what happens even he is now almost psycho and fully depressed he said he cannot explain what thoughts comes in his mind he not comfortable to say but he said believe on everything are going weak even sometimes like worse Believe on Allah , prophet ,about paradise and hell ,grave life all his believe very doubtful (naauzubillah) due to this he cries many times he try to involve in religious activities but he faced more problems when he listens something about his doubts.
He has major fear of die simple
& die without imaan
He always think I m on right track or not if I am wrong and died on wrong religion (Naauzubillah) than what happens even as Muslims .
He also mentioned one thing, in past he not offered prayers and his imaan were well protected but when he started prayer than starts gradually these issues :
I have no answer for this how respond him .kindly explain shariah rullings on the above mentioned matter in respect of each as I explained and what does he has to do ? may Allah give you jaza ameen


Wa’alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

Your friend is fortunate that he has Iman. He should not worry about those thoughts which makes him doubtful. The prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) explained that such thoughts clearly indicate that a person has Iman. As long as your friend does not utter or verbally say anything, his Iman is secure, irrespective of what thoughts go through his mind.

Just like how thieves will only attack a person who has wealth, in the same way, the devil will only interfere with a person who has the great wealth of Iman. When your friend was not religious, the devil did not bother about him, and hence he did not get any doubts. However, now that his Iman is so strong, the devil is constantly trying to make him give up. He should ignore these thoughts and continue with the good he is doing.

As for fearing what will happen after death, this is actually something good, and we all should constantly have this fear.

Many great Sahaba also feared that their Iman is not to standard. Hanzalah (may Allah be pleased with him) and many others feared that they are hypocrites. Thus, your friend should ignore these whispers of the devil and continue to strive for the hereafter.

Advise your friend to increase in the rememberance of Allah, for this will bring solace to him. Also speak with him on the great love which Allah has for us, and rather then looking for reason to punish; Allah is continuously looking for excuses to forgive us.

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