Discharge Ref-No#: 1001

15 Oct 2018 Ref-No#: 1091

I prefer to check whenever I feel discharge release. However, discharge in general can be release throughout the day without any feeling. So I’m confused as what to do.
I’m afraid if I check before each prayer not
enough discharge would have developed and then when I check my kursuf it could be difficult for me to dechiper the colour of the discharge due to its small
amount and due to the poor lighting in my bathroom. (Once I saw discharge
whilst I was in the bathroom which looked completely clear, and I had decided
to check the colour properly in the room next door which has better lighting
and it turned out the discharge was actually yellow. It is risky going into
the room next door because there are always people coming in and out.)

I tend to check 3 times a day, or around the times I’m desperate to use the toilet.

Which method is the best concerning my situation?

*Also – during istihadah, I plan on checking my kursuf after each prayer begins. Is this ok?


Wa’alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

If you feel that by seeing before each prayer you will not be able to determine the colour, then you can check at the times when you go to relieve yourself. Alternatively, check at the beginning of Fajr, beginning of Dhuhr and midway the time of Asr. The checking of Asr could assist you with the colour until Isha, if you pray Isha as soon as the time sets in.

If you are able to decipher the colour, then the best is still to check before each prayer. As for the poor light, maybe a small torch (like the one on smartphones) can assist you.


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