Blood sign on cloth found after prayer

08 Nov 2018 Ref-No#: 1174

Mufti Sahab Assalamoalaikum,
Sir my question is I was made imam of zohar prayer by the muqtadi in a Masjid. After prayer when I reached home I found blood spot on my cloth (like a small grain) which came out of a minor wound on my leg. Should I repeat my prayer and what to do for Muqtadi salah as it was a Jamat and I donot recognize them.
2. My second question is when I wear nylon socks, can I do Masa during wuzoo on these socks when these socks are thin and foot are visible. And what are conditions for foot masa.
3. There is ahadit summarises, that when you offer salah, then pray like you are seeing Allah, and if you are not seeing varily Allah is seeing you. My question is how you visualize Allah during salah, like a noor, or like what, how one should think of Allah during salah.
4. My forth question is if the semen of a husband is inserted through wife vagina using a tube where semen is collected, (because of wife cannot conceive naturally), is this act is allowed in Islam ad will the baby born in this way is Halal.

May Allah bless you all.


Wa’alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

1) There is no need to repeat the prayer. Your prayer as the Imam as well as the prayers of those who followed you will all be valid.

2) It is not permitted to wipe upon nylon socks. Please find a detailed Fatwaa with all the conditions as well as adequate proofs on the following link:

3) Try to avoid thinking on the actual being of Allah. Just like a subject who is carrying out certain tasks whilst the king is watching him will ensure that he completes his work with utmost perfection, in the same way you should focus on the meaning of what you are saying whilst performing Salah, and complete your Salah correctly with total concentration.

4) Yes, it is permissible if the semen if the husband was used. The child born will be legitimate.


وفي السراج : لو وجد في ثوبه نجاسة مغلظة أكثر من قدر الدرهم ولم يعلم بالإصابة لم يعد شيئا بالإجماع وهو الأصح . قلت : وهذا يشمل الدم ، فيقتضي أن الأصح عدم الإعادة مطلقا تأمل   (رد المحتار – 220 / 1 )

ومشايخنا قالوا في البول يعتبر من آخر ما بال وفي الدم من آخر ما رعف وفي المني من آخر ما احتلم أو جامع كذا في البدائع ومراده بالاحتلام النوم ؛ لأنه سببه بدليل ما نقله في المحيط عن ابن رستم أنه يعيد من آخر نومة نامها فيه واختار في المحيط أنه لا يعيد شيئا لو رأى دما (البحر الرائق – 221 / 1)

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